Lan-BG.INFO #D2 Only...
Rank: 216
Mapa: de_dust2
Igraci: 0/32
CS-NаtioN # HideNSe...
Rank: 122
Mapa: hns_floppytown
Igraci: 4/16
Cs-NatioN #DeathMatc...
Rank: 118
Mapa: de_dust2
Igraci: 2/
Cs-NatioN #Respawn[S...
Rank: 7
Mapa: de_train
Igraci: 26/32
Cs-NatioN #Dust2 Res...
Rank: 6
Mapa: de_dust2
Igraci: 6/32
Lan-BG.INFO #Deathma...
Rank: 1
Mapa: de_aztec
Igraci: 31/32
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Sva vazna obavestenja vezana sajt mozete naci u ovom delu,liste se redovno azuriraju.

2019.02.28 18:39

Vip Servers

As you can see above, there is already VIP SERVERS Only 20,If you want your server to be visible in VIP SERVERS the price is 5 euros for 7 days To order please contact us

Download CS 1.6

Minimum Circuit Specifications:
Pochetop: 500 MHz
PAM Memory: 128MB RAM
Video: DіrесtХ v7.0 level grarhісѕ card (16MB)
OC: Wіndоwѕ Vista/2000/ХР/7/8/10
Pickups:Mouse, Keyboard, Internet Access

 Все още няма добавен банер в сайта ни!